Sarah Marder-Eppstein

Dr. Sarah Marder-Eppstein, Director of Educator Summit and Assistant Professor at Relay, is a researcher, professor of pedagogical practice, and experienced K-12 educator. As the director of Educator Summit, she oversees and creates programming in partnership with world class researchers that leverage evidence-based practices in character research for teachers to augment practice and promote student success. She has mentored, taught and evaluated hundreds of aspiring K-12 teachers in Relay’s graduate education program, as well as piloted online courses in effective classroom practices and k-5 content pedagogy. She further brings an important track record of increasing high needs students’ achievement, particularly low-income and minority students, that she gained at Achievement First Brownsville Charter School in Brooklyn, NY. She has an Ed.D. from University of Southern California and earned an M.A.T from Relay Graduate School of Education and B.A. from Washington University in St. Louis. Dr. Marder-Eppstein’s research focuses on the impact of Educator Preparation Programs on new teacher retention.